1937 Selby

My dear friend Rebecca Devine’s labor of love now for sale. Gorgeous house – so easy to photograph and I want to move right in!

[From Paris, with love] Molly + Jessie

There aren’t many good reasons to leave your warm house in Minnesota mid-January when the wind chill is hovering around -20 degrees. But the absolute best without question is when two families and their friends come out to celebrate a wedding. Molly and Jessie were married in Paris but came home to Minnesota to seal the deal and host a fabulous party at Ambiente Gallerie in North East Minneapolis. It was a perfect backdrop for this full-of-life-and-love couple.

For as cold and blustery as it was outside, the gallery was light and bright.



This was totally a goof on Jessie’s part, but I thought it showed their light-hearted personalities and exceptional beauty.

Guests enjoyed passed appetizers, assorted snacks, bars and doughnuts.

Molly and Jessie’s guestbook had a flair for Paris where each guest signed a star for a shadowbox.

The party went on into the night dancing to DJ Jake Ruhd.

Party of Three

I love how seriously littlest brother is working his tug-of-war skills.  Sometimes random off-the-cuff images  turn out to be my favorite. Happy Day.


Full of love

This sweet family welcomed darling baby Hattie last week.  I was charmed with their first child and now this wee one tips the scales into sweetness overload.  Congratulations on this blessing!

Fall Family Day

In between running and hockey practice, bouncy-house parties and a break in the rain, I met up with a good friend for some simple family photos. It was a joy to be silly with them for a few minutes.  Thanks friends!